Repair kit for fuel injection nozzles BMW M62, M62TU 13641707843, 0280155823 - buy, price|

Repair kit for fuel injection nozzles BMW M62, M62TU 13641707843, 0280155823

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Fuel injection nozzle repair kit BMW M62, M62TU 13641707843, 0280155823

  • Bosch 0280155823
  • BMW 13641707843

Since fuel injection nozzles are subject to heavy loads, and these elements are also in constant operation, they are among the frequently worn parts of an automobile engine. It is for this reason that the masters recommend having a special repair kit in their trunk so as not to be in a difficult situation, because not carrying out a complete replacement of the nozzle or its repair leads to the fact that the engine starts to work unstably, its speed drops, and fuel consumption increases.

If the motorist chooses the option of a complete replacement of the fuel injection nozzle, then he loses more money than if he buys a repair kit from Klifex and does all the necessary manipulations on his own. This is much more economical, and as a result, the result is completely indistinguishable from the option with a full nozzle change. Then why pay more if you can simply order such a set of spare parts on our website? The most important thing in this business is to choose the right fuel injection nozzle repair kit for BMW M62, M62TU 13641707843, 0280155823 according to the size. However, for these purposes, our staff employs experienced professional consultants who will quickly and accurately tell you which set to use in your case.

The set includes 32 elements (for 8 nozzles)


  • 5' E39 Sedan 535i
  • 5' E39 Sedan 540i
  • 5' E39 Sedan 540iP
  • 5' E39 Station Wagon 540i
  • 7' E38 Sedan 735i
  • 7' E38 Sedan 735iL
  • 7' E38 Sedan 740i M62
  • 7' E38 Sedan 740iL M62
  • 7' E38 Sedan 740iLP
  • X5 E53 SAV X5 4.4i M62
  • X5 E53 SAV X5 4.6is
  • Z8 E52 ALPINA V8 Roadster

Car brand BMW
Producing country Китай
Manufacturer Klifex


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Repair kit for fuel injection nozzles BMW M62, M62TU 13641707843, 0280155823


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Repair kit for fuel injection nozzles BMW M62, M62TU 13641707843, 0280155823

Repair kit for fuel injection nozzles BMW M62, M62TU 13641707843, 0280155823

500 грн

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