Repair Kit A2710720043 for Mercedes M271 2710780823 and 2710781123 injectors - buy, price|

Repair Kit A2710720043 for Mercedes M271 2710780823 and 2710781123 injectors

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Repair kit A2710720043 for injector Mercedes M271 2710780823 and 2710781123

The most important components of the motor are nozzles, which are responsible for the uniform supply of working fluids to the engine, as well as for their maximum burnout. But at the same time, such parts are very susceptible to any clogging, even very minor ones. Most often, injectors cease to perform their functions against the background of the use of low-quality fuel and other automotive fluids. This causes corrosion, which actively corrodes the spare part.

There are cases when the nozzle is damaged due to the installation or repair of some neighboring part. Also, often automotive craftsmen overtighten or, conversely, undertighten the seals, which over time affects the functionality of the nozzles. Quite often, the integrity of this spare part is violated during the replacement of glow plugs, as its fragments fall on the surface of the nozzle. All of the above reasons, as a rule, lead to the need to replace the nozzle in the Mercedes M271 2710780823 or 2710781123.

It is worth paying attention to the condition of the nozzle if the following symptoms occur:

  • Unreliable operation of the engine during idle.
  • Fuel consumption is noticeably increased.
  • Vibrations and jerks are felt.
  • Exhaust gases are black.

If you do not pay attention to the problems described above in the operation of the car, then soon enough this will affect the general condition of the engine, which will lead to the need for a major overhaul. To prevent this from happening, you should replace or repair the nozzles as soon as possible. To do this, the Klifex online store sells a special repair kit A2710720043 for the Mercedes M271 injector 2710780823 and 2710781123.

Here you can buy a brand new kit for repairing this part. To order with delivery, just use this site or contact our consultant managers. You can also fill out a callback form.

Compatibility A2710720043:

  • Mercedes Benz C-class (w204, s204, c204)
  • Mercedes Benz E-class (w212, v212)
  • Mercedes Benz E-class (c207, a207)
  • Mercedes Benz E-class (s212)
  • Mercedes Benz SLK/SLC (r172)

Car brand Mercedes
Producing country Китай
Manufacturer Klifex


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Repair Kit A2710720043 for Mercedes M271 2710780823 and 2710781123 injectors


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Repair Kit A2710720043 for Mercedes M271 2710780823 and 2710781123 injectors

Repair Kit A2710720043 for Mercedes M271 2710780823 and 2710781123 injectors

250 грн

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